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K-9 Rules

We have a "few" simple rules you are required to follow to make sure it's fun for everyone (humans and dogs!): 1. Please make sure your dogs' toenails are clipped short at least 2 days prior to running with us. Toenails that are too long can cause injuries to your dog, so please keep them short.  2. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR MALE DOGS PEE ON OUR EQUIPMENT.   You'll have to clean it up!. We have to handle these items and it is not fair to the crew to have your dogs’ urine on everything. 3. NO aggressive dogs (to humans or other dogs) allowed. PERIOD. Any dog exhibiting aggression will be asked to leave (sorry, no refunds). 4. NO FEMALE DOGS IN SEASON! There are numbers of intact male dogs that run the course, so please wait until your female dogs won't cause a riot! (That can mean up to several weeks after visible signs of heat are gone). 5. ALL dogs are to be kept well under control. Remember - not every dog likes other dogs. Do not let your dog go nose-to-nose with another dog unless you have permission from their owner/handler. 6. If you bring multiple dogs, you must either have a crate for them or have another adult with you to manage the dog that's not running while you're on the field. We don't have the staff to help manage your dogs. No tying dogs to trees, fences, small children, or anything else! 7. Dogs must be managed by an adult at all times. This is for the safety of both the children and the dogs. Not all children have the presence or experience to understand when dogs are posturing or spoiling for a fight. If your child is an experienced dog-handler, please let us know when you get to the field. Otherwise, if we see a child with a dog on a leash and no adult in sight, they'll both be removed to the table area until the adult can be located.   But we really don't want any injuries or accidents, so please help us out with this! 8. ALL dogs must be kept ON LEASH at all times unless running the lure. This means leash them up BEFORE you let them out of the car. Again, we really don't want any accidents.

What you need to run

your dog

1) Liability and Production Waiver 2) Register with K-9 Allure 3) Set up a date and time for your dog(s)
Print and fill out form and bring with you!!